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Intra-Building Wiring Projects


The IBW projects include data communications wiring upgrades to allow moving from shared 10 Mb/s networks to higher speed switched networks, as well as providing networking connections to locations that currently have no access to the campus data backbone network. This is a multi-year initiative that seeks to address the most critical data communications wiring needs.

Phase I Network Wiring Projects

In April 2000 a call went out to all academic departments asking them to identify critical network wiring needs. We received eighteen projects with most requesting wiring for entire buildings, a couple of requests for some smaller remediation, and some requests for inter-building connections. The Information Technology Planning Group (ITPG), a broadly based group of campus technical staff, reviewed the requests. Following a discussion by the full ITPG, four of its members, representing the organizations that submitted the projects, prioritized them. Six projects were assigned Priority 1 and were considered funded. As these projects developed we determined that we had enough funds to include the next highest prioritized project that also had a deadline of summer 2001. The eleven unfunded projects were rolled into the Phase II process. Table 1 lists the funded projects for Phase I. The estimated completion date for all of the Phase I projects is May 30, 2003.

Table 1   IBW Phase I Projects
Building Description Current Phase Next Phase
503 Engr II Replace Thicknet Complete!  
504 Bio III Rewire Building Complete!  
525 Library 52 Workstation Drops Complete!  
525 Library Closet Redesign Complete!  
544 Noble Rewire Building Complete!  
551 Psychology Rewire Building Complete!  
571 Bio II Rewire Building Complete!  

Phase II Network Wiring Projects

In March 2001 a call went out to all departments asking them to identify critical network wiring needs. The forty-one projects totaling $3,540,000 that were submitted for consideration for Phase II Network Wiring Project funding represent a broader spectrum of campus; more control points were involved and more consideration of design was required. Most of the preliminary effort for this phase was to listen to our customer’s needs and develop a process for prioritizing the projects. Once we had prioritized lists from each control point, we merged the prioritized lists into a single list and indicated which projects would be funded based on the funds that we had available at the time. This list was proposed and agreed to in our IT project proposal submitted to the ITPG in December 2001. The ITPG ranked this proposal highly, and the ITB later ranked the proposal highly in March 2002. We announced that the projects under scenario I were “funded” and then we began consultation to determine if there were any projects that had strict deadline requirements. We met with Communications Services staff to coordinate with any construction projects that may impact the projects. The twenty-two unfunded projects will be rolled into the Phase III process. Table 2 lists the funded projects for Phase II.

Table 2   IBW Phase II Projects
Building Description Current Phase Next Phase
555 Marine Biotech Rewire Building Prepare post-mortem notes. Post-mortem meeting.
503 Engr II Rewire Building: ON HOLD ON HOLD  
531 Music Create New Communications Risers and Sub-Terminal Locations. Re-wire 1300 and 2300 Wings. Complete!  
Embarcadero Hall External Connection Complete!  
IV Foot Patrol External Connection    
FM & Trans Svcs External Connection Complete!  
465 Old Marine Lab 12 Drops & External Connection Complete!  
494 Creative Studies 38 Drops to Several Classrooms Complete!  
429 Psych Grad Facility External Connection Complete!  
534 Arts 5 Risers Complete!  
563 Ellison Geog. South Riser Complete!  
546 Woodhouse Risers Complete!  
563 Ellison Wire 1629 A-H, P Complete!  
563 Ellison Geog. Third Floor Wing Complete!  
560 Phelps NCGIA Rm. 3510 Complete!  
429 Psych Grad Facility Rewire Building Complete!  
408 Aquatic Biology Rewire Building Prepare post-mortem notes. Post-mortem.
539 EMF External Connection & Rewire Building Prepare post-mortem notes. Post-mortem.
540 Greenhouse External Connection Prepare post-mortem notes. Post-mortem.
546 Woodhouse Rewire Second Floor Prepare post-mortem notes. Post-mortem.
580 Harder Stadium External Connection Complete!  
580 Harder Stadium Wire 14 Studios and Athletic Offices (Soccer Coaches) Complete!  

Phase III Network Wiring Projects

In June 2005 a call went out to all departments asking them to identify critical network wiring needs. New projects were submitted and cost estimates were generated for the projects. Staff met with the associated control points so that they could prioritize their projects. Of the seventeen unfunded projects, three may be implemented under the Phase III process, depending on funding. Table 3 lists the current projects for Phase III.

Table 3   IBW Phase III Projects

Finish Music, Bldg 531: This includes the 1100, 1200, 1400, 2200, and 2400 wings of Music. The total number of new workstation drops is approximately 235. The project includes a conduit and junction box cable distribution system, along with some raceway, for the workstation drops. The project includes network drops that will support a campus wireless network, pending funding. (Risers, communications closets and workstation wiring in the 1300 and 2300 wings were completed under IBW Phase II).

Engineering I, Bldg 556: This includes a complete riser system of conduit and new communications (copper, fiber and coax) distribution cables, 8 sub-terminal locations to build-out, a complete cable tray conduit/junction box cable distribution system on all five floors, and workstation wiring throughout the building (approximately 760 drops). The project includes network drops that will support a campus wireless network, pending funding.

Cheadle Hall, Bldg 552: This includes a complete riser system involving gutting all abandoned cables from approximately14 sub-terminal locations, cutting out existing communications boxes, running new communications distribution cables (copper, fiber and coax) into sub-terminals, along with build-out (relay racks, fire-rated backboard, etc.) in these locations. The Cheadle Hall project may evolve to include wiring of the second floor to the campus standard, if we have enough funds.


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