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About the OIT Website


Welcome to the Office of Information Technology website for the University of California Santa Barbara. As it grows, we hope this site will be the primary gateway to information about computing, communications, and information services and resources at UCSB.

Every effort is taken to ensure that the content linked from our home page is up-to-date and useful for both internal and external audiences. The OIT cannot, however, be responsible for the maintenance and content of every website within the UCSB IT community.


This website was developed with reference to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium, and in accordance with the guidelines for accessible Web design set forth in the UCSB ADA handbook.

If any of the material on this website is not accessible to you, please contact our department by phone at (805) 893-8811, or by email at webcontact@oit.ucsb.edu, and we will provide alternatives.

Browser Compatibility

The OIT website is designed to be compatible with popular browsers in current use with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and FreeBSD systems. Javascript and cookies should be enabled in your browser to make sure that expanding navigation menus and online applications function correctly. If you encounter any problems with browser display of this site, please let us know at webcontact@oit.ucsb.edu.


All pages and content are © 2003-2019 The Regents of the University of California.

Printing Web Pages

Any page in this site may be printed directly using the print function in your browser. This will reproduce the entire page, including the top banner and left navigation menus.

To print the primary page content only (without the banner and menus), press the “print this page” button at the upper right. Use your browser’s “print” function to send the resulting page to your printer.

Acceptable Use

The OIT website abides by the University’s Web Domain Guidelines and Electronic Communications Implementing Guidelines (pdf). Copyright standards conform to those set forth in the University of California Policy on Copyright Ownership.

For further information on acceptable use of UCSB websites, see UCSB Terms of Use.

Privacy Information

Certain portions of the OIT website are restricted by domain to members of the UCSB community. Other pages may require users to enter their username and password. These pages are intended for campus use only, and generally require the UCSBnetID username and password (offered to all faculty and staff through the UCSB Directory Service), or the perm and pin numbers assigned to registered UCSB students.

The operation of OIT websites may directly or incidentally result in the collection of various data items, including, but not limited to, web browser types, pages viewed by a particular Internet Protocol address, and even personally identifiable information. These data items are solely used to provide services and ensure the proper operation and security of their respective systems. The OIT will not sell this data to any outside agencies (third parties). Data may be provided to third parties only as directly necessary for the provisioning of services, with no further unrelated or unrestricted redistribution permitted.

Data retention periods vary depending upon the record type and its application. In all cases, it is the objective of the OIT to eliminate data records in a timely manner and in accordance with University records management policies and applicable laws. As such, some items may have a very short retention period, while others may exist for years as required for various “University business records." Users should be aware that any record in OIT's possession is potentially subject to subpoena.


Cookies may be used to maintain application login sessions or other state data between web pages. These cookies do not contain personal information.

Site Credits

This is the central website for the UCSB Office of Information Technology. A Web Working Group was formed to determine the overall design and structure of this site. Each unit within the OIT maintains its own web content, and the initials of the primary document author appear at the bottom of each web page.


We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or feedback about our site. Please send an email to webcontact@oit.ucsb.edu. Comments are shared with our Web Working Group for their information and review.


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