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BEG Meeting Minutes March 30, 1999

  In Attendance: Elise Meyer, Kevin Schmidt, Larry Murdock, Rich Prohaska, Arlene Allen, Alan Moses, Arlene Allen, Bill Doering, John Haskins, Tom Lawton, Roger Lenard, Shea Lovan, Elise Meyer, Alan Moses, Larry Murdock, Kevin Schmidt

Broadband Migration

The BEG discussed the issues relating to the migration of users off the ethernet data channel of the broadband network. After some discussion with NOC members, the BEG decided that it would be best if the NOC assume primary responsibility for working with the groups remaining on the broadband. The NOC will encourage these groups to migrate to the FDDI and provide coordination to facilitate the move.

Next Generation Backbone (NGBB)

The BEG briefly discussed the process involved in the design of the NGBB and the need to move rapidly. It was reiterated that the BEG has the charge to design the network and that the campus CalREN-2 will be used as a starting point for the design.

A number of issues were discussed, including:

  • Centralized routing/building switch/VLAN model
  • "Advanced" network services: QoS, Multicast
  • Physical layer (single mode fiber vs equipment placement solutions)
  • Equipment recommendations/requirements
  • Staffing requirements
  • Security, net management, stats (RUAC) issues
  • Transition plan for CALREN2 participants – NGBB
  • Transition plan for FDDI customers – NGBB
  • New connections issues

The group discussed in some detail the need for ATM at the edge (LightStream 1010, providing for native ATM only), versus having native ATM provided at building entrance points. There was strong support for adopting the basic recommendation of the CalREN-2 Implementation Committee toward maintaining ATM at the edge. The group decided to put off a final decision on ATM until further information regarding campus needs and NGBB topology is available. Further clarification of this is expected at the next meeting when Kevin Schmidt will present information regarding issues central to the design of the NGBB and the growth of the CalREN-2 network (including vlans, centralized routing, and physical infrastructure, including fiber requirements).

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