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BEG Goals


Short-Term and Long-Term Plans

The Backbone Engineering Group will develop both Short-Term and Long-Term plans and requirements to initially augment, and eventually replace, the current campus-wide Internet Protocol (IP) "backbone" network (hereinafter referred to as the "Network").

Characteristics of the Network

  1. It Is a Production Network
    The Network should be considered a "production" network for administrative and educational usage. Experimental research usage may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Based on Reliable, Proven Technology
    Due to its being a production network, the Network should be based on reliable technology, with a proven interoperability history, possibly based on significant local testing and evaluation.
  3. Uses Internet Protocols (IP)
    All equipment connected to the Network will be IP addressable and SNMP manageable, and interoperate according to the applicable IP standards.
  4. Uses an Efficient Routing Protocol with Authentication (eg: OSPF)
    The Network will employ a routing protocol suitable for multiple external connections, with load-balancing over multiple bandwidth connections, and which supports an authentication scheme. Currently, OSPF and RIP-2 are suitable protocols, while RIP is not suitable. Provision will be made for a "transition period", where certain, trusted RIP-only routers can still contribute their routing updates to the backbone.
  5. Use Existing Fiber Optic Cable Plant
    Both the Short-Term and Long-Term plans should make as much use as possible of the existing multi-mode 62.5 micron fiber optic cable plant, which Communications Services has already installed.

    However, the Long-Term Plan may require single-mode fiber installation as part of the implementation schedule of Communications Services' eventual replacement of the campus phone system with a suitable fiber optic cable plant.

  6. Long-Term Plan Is Independent of the Short-Term Plan
    Any equipment purchased for the Short-Term Plan should support or dovetail with, but otherwise not affect the requirements of the Long-Term Plan.
  7. Requirements and Procedures
    NetBEG will develop requirements and procedures for the following:
    1. connecting new routers to the Network
    2. allocation and identified usage of network resources, including committed and available bandwidth, IP subnets, IP host addresses, Appletalk net numbers, etc.
    3. network operation and the ongoing maintenance of router configurations
    4. certification of staff qualified to manage Network routers
    5. enforcement of any policy for ethical usage of the Network
    6. analysis of Network usage
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