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Information Technology Board 1998-2004


The information and links on this page apply to the UCSB Information Technology Board (ITB) as it existed from 1998 to 2004. For current ITB materials, visit the Information Technology Board Minutes page on the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor Web site.

From 1998 through 2004, the UCSB Information Technology Board (ITB) was an administrative committee charged with making recommendations to the Chancellor and the Executive Vice Chancellor regarding campus priorities and strategic plans for the development of campus-wide information technology services.

ITB members from that period included the faculty, staff, students, and senior campus administrators listed on our ITB Membership page. The Board was formed as the result of extensive discussions during the 1997-98 academic year by the Campus Network Committee, the Academic Senate leadership, and senior campus administrators on the opportunities and challenges that the rapid evolution of information technology presents to UCSB.

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ITB Meeting Schedule

Note: Visit the EVC website for ITB meeting minutes 2005-2010.

Date Time Location Meeting Topics
12/08/1998 3:00-5:00 CCR Minutes - Current state of IT campuswide, ITPG urgent issues, ITB's issues
02/02/1999 1:30-3:30 CCR Minutes - Funding, Access Statistics, Access Surveys
03/04/1999 1:00-3:00 CCR Minutes - Stuart Lynn's Meeting w/ ITPG, ITPG Student Access Recommendations, IT Organization
04/08/1999 1:00-3:00 CCR Minutes - Stuart Lynn's Meeting w/ ITB, IT Organization UC-wide and Options for UCSB
04/28/1999 10:00-12:00 Cheadle
Review and Revise Draft Recommendations and Faculty Survey
07/12/1999 3:30-5:30 CCR Minutes - Should there be an OIT? What is the Scope of Responsibilities?
09/20/1999 2:00-4:00 CCR Minutes - OIT Organization, Faculty IT Survey, Campus Wiring Policy
10/08/1999 3:00-5:00 CCR Minutes - IT Organization, Responsibility for Intra-Building Wiring, UC Electronic Communications Policy
10/22/1999 1:00-2:00 Map & Imagery Lab Joint ITB/ITPG meeting - Alexandria Project Presentation, Terry Smith
11/03/1999 3:00-5:00 CCR Minutes - Draft UC Policy for Electronic Communications, The Alexandria Project, Overview of IT Infrastructure and Services
12/17/1999 3:00-5:00 CCR The Alexandria Project, ITPG Prioritized IT Project Proposals, IT Funding Models
01/28/2000 3:00-5:00 Cheadle
IT Funding Models
01/18/2001 10:00-Noon North Hall
UCSB Telephone Service Alternatives
05/17/2001 1:00-3:00 CCR OIT Status, Network Funding Models, Research Computing, Campus Telephone Switch, Surveys


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