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Recommendation for Creation of the OIT

To:Ilene Nagel, Executive Vice Chancellor
From: Robert Sugar, Chair Information Technology Board
Re: Creation of an Office of Information Technology

The Information Technology Board (ITB) unanimously recommends that UCSB create an Office of Information Technology (OIT). The proposed responsibilities of this office are set out in detail in an attached document. In brief they are to plan the campus IT infrastructure, provide leadership on IT matters, develop and maintain the campus wiring plant, operate the campus-wide voice, video and data networks, provide campus-wide networking services, and coordinate those campus-wide IT services for which it does not have operational responsibility. The creation of this office would complete the re-organization of IT services begun with the establishment of the ITB and the Information Technology Planning Group.

The ITB recommends that the Director of the OIT be a faculty member with a half-time administrative appointment, who reports to the Executive Vice Chancellor. The Director would lead the planning and coordination activities, bring major IT issues to the ITB, and, when appropriate, advise the Administration and Academic Senate on IT issues. He/she would represent UCSB on external IT committees.

In order to carry out its planning and operational functions the OIT will need a significant staff. The ITB recommends that this staff be provided by incorporating Communications Services and the Campus Network Programmers into the OIT. These two organizations currently carry out the operational functions recommended for the OIT, and would provide the technical staff to support the planning responsibilities of the Director. With the expected convergence of voice, video and data networks, it is important that their operation and the management of the wiring plant be kept together in a single organization, as provided by this recommendation.

The ITB recommends that the staff position now filled by the Director of Communications Services report to the Director of the OIT. The holder of this position would assist the Director in the planning and coordination efforts, and have overall responsibility for operational activities. Thus, the planning, coordination and policy functions would be the primary concern of the faculty Director, while day to day operations would be over-seen by a full time staff member.

The cost of creating the OIT will be modest. The major item is release time and summer salary for the Director. Funding is in hand for the current staffs and operational activities of Communications Services and the Campus Network Programmers. These funds should be moved into the OIT. The operation of CalREN-2 and the mushrooming of security problems require an increase in networking staff. However, the need for additional staff is independent of the existence of the OIT, and should not be counted as a cost of establishing it. It is expected that current Communications Services staff will be able to provide the administrative support required by the OIT. It is important that the Director be on campus, rather than in the Public Safety Building, in order to have the interaction with faculty and administrative colleagues required by her/his coordinating responsibilities.

It should be emphasized that the creation of an OIT will in no way diminish the need for the Information Technology Board or the Information Technology Planning Group. It is expected that the OIT will enhance both, and that the three organizations together will provide strong leadership for the campus in IT matters.

I am enclosing a copy of the responsibilities proposed for the OIT and background information regarding the major campus IT service providers. I would be happy to discuss the ITB's recommendations with you, or any reviewing agencies.

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