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ITPG Meetings


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

For ITPG meeting agendas and minutes after July 2009, see the ITPG Meetings and Events List on the it.ucsb.edu Web site.

Meeting Notes through July 2009

Notes   Details
July 20, 2009   ITPG Chair Elections; Recording Critical Campus Communications; Communications Infrastructure Standards; Border and Backbone Network Upgrade; ITLC Email Project; ITPG Going Forward
June 15, 2009   ITPG Leadership and Voting Procedures; Dell Information Sessions; SEC-WG Update
May 18, 2009   ITPG Leadership Recommendations; Recording Critical Campus Communications; UCCSC Poster Content; Security Working Group Report
March 16, 2009   ID Management System, Student Information System Project, Approved RUAC Fee Increase, Proposed FTE Fee
January 12, 2009   New CISO Introduced; UCSB Information Security Goals, Isssues, Considerations
September 15, 2008   CMS Update, CISO Search, RUAC IP Address Charge, Emergency Provisions for the UCSB Home Page, BEG Communications Infrastructure Standards Project, 9/14 Power Outage Issues
January 14, 2008   Web Standards Recommendations, UCSB Alert Emergency Notification System; Emer-L Mailing List
June 18, 2007   CIO Status, Student Technology Fee, BEG Challenges Document, ITGC Interim Report, Ongoing UCSB Web Standards Review, UCCSC, Emergency Alert Notices
May 21, 2007   Commercial Wireless Data Service; Infrastructure Funding Model; New Security Positions; BEG Challenges; Emergency Communications; ITGC Interim Report; Ongoing UCSB Web Standards Review
March 12, 2007   IT Needs
July 10, 2006   CIO; Identity; Kuali; LMS; Wireless; CMS; ATPG; Student Affairs Projects; Research Data Center; UCCSC; Tasks
March 10, 2006   Plans for defining Infrastructure Funding Model services and costs
January 19, 2006   CIO search; Jack McCredie's visit; ATPG & EISPG reports; ITPG and the new ITB
December 15, 2005   ITPG Subcommittees
November 21, 2005   ITPG Subcommittees
October 27, 2005   ITPG Subcommittees
July 25, 2005   AuthTech, SLACK Subcommittee Updates; Protection of Personal Information; KST; Legal2Share; Intra-Building Wiring Update; ITPG Futures
February 28, 2005   ITPG Proposals; ECP, ITLC Meeting Feedback; IS-3 Revisions Review; Sun JES/I2 Proposal; Regents Cost Cutting Initiative
December 12, 2004   AuthPol, CMS, DECAF, and Budget IT subcommittee reports; ITPG Proposals; Q&A with the EVC
May 10, 2004   ITPG Proposal Presentation; ITPG Proposals: GUS, Open Access Resource Funding, Persistent Archive, New Business Architecture, Trusted Infrastructure
April 22, 2004   ITPG Proposals: Campus Course Management System, Software Licensing Support, Centralized Credit Card Processing, Registrar and Curriculum Data in the Data Warehouse, Student Portal Project
March 22, 2004   IBW Projects/Proposal Discussion; ITPG Proposals Determination
March 12, 2004   ITPG Proposals: Campus Course Management System, XML standards for Form Interchange, New Business Architecture, Protection and Use of Valued Electronic Information, Campus Funding for GUS Support, Student Computing
February 17, 2004   ITPG Proposals: Data Modeling, Getting Student Data into the Datawarehouse, Portal
January 30, 2004   ITPG Proposals: Licensing Support, Unfunded IBW, Classroom Technologies, Centralized Credit Card Processing, Commodity Services
January 20, 2004   Information Technology Leadership Council, Network Citizenship, ITPG Proposal Process
November 17, 2003   ITPG Co-Chairship, AuthDir Software, SB1386, Network Citizenship, IT Leadership Council, IT Budget Subcommittee, ITPG Proposal Process, Email Addresses for Alumni
October 27, 2003   Network Citizenship, SB1386, Oblix, IT Budget Subcommittee
September 29, 2003   Network Security, ITLC, Copyright, AuthDir, Fiber Allocations, Tech Fees, GOLD, ONI
August 25, 2003   Gartner Tickets, Authware, Blaster, Fiber Allocations
July 28, 2003   Authware, SB1386, UC Budget
June 30, 2003   SB1386, Directory, Authware, IT Issues, VOIP, Glenn Davis
May 19, 2003   JOG Update, SB1386, Authware, IT Issues, Summer Meeting Schedule
February 24, 2003   Authware RFP, Techno Trash, Budget, MIT Open Courseware Initiative, GSA election, NW Funding, P2P, New Items of Interest
January 21, 2003   Authware RFP, Wireless, ONI, NBA, SB1386
December 12, 2002   Authorization Software
November 14, 2002   UCSBnetID, Home address in LDAP, ITB Meeting, Software Depot, Spam
October 17, 2002   DECAF Mission, Budget Status, Cell Towers, Faculty Survey
September 12, 2002   IT Proposals, Cox@Home
August 15, 2002   FDDI Shutdown, IBW Phase 3, DECAF Mission
July 25, 2002   Directory, ONI, IBW Phase 3, UCCSC Posters
June 17, 2002   IBW Phase 3, Gartner, Responses to UCOP Initiatives, DECAF, IT Proposals, UCCSC, Directory, Antivirus Software
May 23, 2002   NBA Enabling Technology, Budget, Gartner, Patriot Act, KaZaA, ONI, Networking Equipment, address@ucsb.edu
April 25, 2002   ONI, ITPG Proposals, NBA, Energy, Directory Updates, Accessible Web Pages, KaZaA, ECP
March 28, 2002   NBA Enabling Technology, Directory, FDDI Sunset, Course Management Task Force, Larry Sautter Award
February 21, 2002   LAOG, NBA Authorization Software, ITB Report, Yahoo Internet Life Most Wired Colleges
January 25, 2002   ITPG Proposal Report, Network, Common Authorization, NBA, UCITPSO, address@ucsb.edu, Audit, Microsoft
December 13, 2001   Proposal Vote Results
November 27, 2001   Review Proposals 0 - 5
November 15, 2001   Review Proposals 6 - 26
October 25, 2001   Context Redux List Review and Champion Assignments
September 13, 2001   Energy, Auth/Dir, Email Brown Bag, Wireless, Context Redux
August 23, 2001   Proxy, Digital Divide, SW Depot, Microsoft, LDAP, Gartner Group
July 18, 2001   NGB, address@ucsb.edu, wiring, Wiring, WIRING
June 14, 2001   UCSB Directory Use Policy, ITB, surveys, HRIS, e-Procurement
May 17, 2001   Energy, DECAF, Portals, Wireless, Digital Divide, Directory
April 19, 2001   Auth/Dir, NFR, NGB, IWP, Recruiting and Retention, Norton
March 22, 2001   BEG, NGB, Auth/Dir, email@ucsb.edu, Electrical Power, IWP
February 22, 2001   DECAF, Portals, LDAP, NGB, Wireless, Surveys, LOAG, OIT
January 25, 2001   OIT Director, DECAF White Paper, LOAG, NGB, Student Survey
December 21, 2000   Anti-virus, DECAF, Auth, IT Resource Guide, ResNet Bandwidth
November 30, 2000   LOAG, Directory, PKI, Instructional IT, IMS, Proxy
October 26, 2000   WSP Report, Classroom Infrastructure, IT Staffing
September 14, 2000   Win2K, IBW, Cable Modems, Proxy, E-Comm Policy, ITPG
August 17, 2000   Mtg room, Work/Life, DECAF, Portals, LDAP, Website, Wiring Criteria
July 17, 2000   WSG, ISP, Faculty Survey, Security, LDAP, Workstations, Wiring Procedure
June 7, 2000   ISP$, Genuity, LDAP Prototypes, PC recs, 7-digit Perms, Proxy, R&R
May 10, 2000   CalREN-2, PRI, DECAF, Proxy, Licenses, R&R, IS-3, PKI, UCCSC
April 12, 2000   OIT, C2, Security, LDAP, PC Standards, ISP, Web Presence, Retention
March 15, 2000   IT Resources, C2, Security, LDAP, Proxy, Modems, Virus Software
February 16, 2000   Wiring, LDAP, Wrkstn Recs, Net Funding Model, DOV, ISDN
January 19, 2000   WSP, IT Costing, Modems, Wiring, Surveys, Auth/Dir, ASIG
December 8, 1999   Voting on ITPG Proposals, IT Cost Study, ASIG, WSP
November 24, 1999   NGB Financing, Prioritizing Proposals, IT Cost Study
November 10, 1999   Proposal Review, NGB Strategy, Workstation Study
October 7, 1999   Proposal Format, Funds Available, NGB Strategies, EC Policy
September 17, 1999   Context, Core Funds, Process, BEG, DM Copyright, EC Policy
September 1, 1999   Context Paper, EDUCAUSE, Directory, EC Policy, Modems
August 16, 1999   Review of Urgent 20, COX, Auth, RUAC, Planning and Funding
July 16, 1999   ITB, Auth/Dir, Survey, ResNet, Modems, Y2K, Urgent 17, Wiring
June 30, 1999   UCCSC, Licenses, IP Recharge, Broadband, Pilot, Email Harassment
May 7, 1999   Wiring, Accreditation, GUS, Recs, Survey, x8400, ITPG Voting
April 16, 1999   Site Licenses, COX, Auth/Dir, Surveys, ResNet, GauchoNet
March 25, 1999   New Issues, Security, C2, BEG, NGB, Surveys, Modems
March 5, 1999   UCCSC, C2, Auth/Dir, Fiber, FDDI, ISPs, ITB, Student Surveys
February 19, 1999   Fiber, Modems, Subcommittees, ISPs, ITB Recommendations
February 5, 1999   Meeting with Stuart Lynn to Review UCOP Survey Data
January 29, 1999   CNC Feedback, UCnet, Internet2, Survey, ITB Preparation
January 15, 1999   Current Access and Problems, Questions for Stuart, Future Targets
December 18, 1998   ITB and EDUCAUSE Feedback, Categories of Survey Data
November 20, 1998   ITB Formation, Roles of Groups, Access Survey Questions
October 30, 1998   Modem-Pool Merge, Definitions of "Tiers" and Support Services
October 20, 1998   Sequence of Issues, Subcommittees, Student Access
October 20, 1998   Thoughts: Ideas on the Organization of Topics for Discussion
October 6, 1998   Process, Protocols, and Ten "Most Urgent" IT Issues
October 6, 1998   Agenda: Process Issues and Brainstorm Discussion Topics
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