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ITPG Meeting Notes January 14, 2008


Present: Arlene Allen, Jeffrey Barteet, Eric Brody, Ted Cabeen, Larry Carver, Beverly Colgate, Ann Dundon, Brett Fortier, Kirk Grier, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Arnel Pascua, Tom Putnam, Fuzzy Rogers, Glenn Schiferl, Deborah Scott, Jan Smith, Jamie Sonsini, Chas Thompson, Paul Valenzuela, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods.

Review for Approval: New Web Standards Recommendations (Ann Dundon)

The three new recommendations are posted at http://www.csf.ucsb.edu/groups/wsg.

After initially presenting the recommendations at the December meeting, the WSG received some ITPG comments that were incorporated into the language of the recommendations. Ann presented the recommendations with the slight suggested changes, as follows.

  • Persistent Links to Global Resources: A section was added regarding adding redirects when a long-lived page changes location.
  • Third-Level Domain Names: The section on DNS entries was made more general and a caution was added that your system administrator should be consulted.
  • Using Email Aliases: A suggestion was incorporated to describe the aliases as role accounts or role aliases rather than email aliases.

There was no further discussion on the recommendations, and the ITPG formally voted to approve them. The next step in the process is to take the recommendations to the ITB.

The ITPG was very complimentary to the work that the WSG had done and their processes. Ann Dundon is stepping down as WSG co-chair and Guylene Gadal, the Geography webmaster, was elected as the next co-chair to serve along with Eric Mayes, who is starting the second year of his current two-year term.

Member Issues

UCSB Alert (Paul Valenzuela)

Student Affairs and Housing & Residential Services took the lead to acquire for the campus a text-capable messaging service to be used for emergency notifications. Roam Secure was the selected service. The website to sign up for this service is http://alert.ucsb.edu. After registering you will be able to enter a phone number and/or multiple email addresses to receive messages. You can also send yourself test messages.

This service is currently only to be used for emergency notifications. The plan is to go into production by 1/22/08 at the latest, and there will be advertising in the D-List, 93106, U-Mail, GOLD, and Nexus. This is a free service to sign up for, but there may be a cost for text messages depending on your cellular telephone plan. This is an opt-in service, and you can remove yourself once you have registered. The current service does allow parents to enter their contact information.

There is currently no way to expire out accounts, and this will need to be developed in the future. The basic service, which includes a limited number of priority messages, is a flat annual fee; sending additional priority messages incurs additional cost. Messages can be sent as either priority or non-priority messages.

Support questions can be sent to support@alert.ucsb.edu. There will be a campus-wide test of the system in February. Mark McGilvray was complimented for his efforts on this project.

Emer-L (Jamie Sonsini)

There will be a test of the Emer-L mailing list on 1/23/08. Jamie has already been in contact with Emer-L list maintainers. The campus is testing this email alias once a quarter.

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