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ITPG Meeting Minutes January 19, 2006


Present: Lubomir Bojilov, Larry Carver, Ken Dean, Doug Drury, George Gregg, Kirk Grier, Steve Marks, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Linda Moskovits, Fuzzy Rogers, Glenn Schiferl, Jan Smith, Chris Sneathen, Paul Valenzuela, Paul Weakliem, James Woods, Kevin Wu.

CIO Search

The CIO Search Committee has been asking the three planning groups and the campus, via an open forum, three questions related to the CIO Search:

  • What are the challenges facing the CIO at UCSB?
  • What is your planning group looking for in a CIO?
  • What does success look like?

Some of the themes that emerged from the discussion were:

  • We shouldn't ignore the things that work well because we are decentralized.
  • There wasn't agreement on whether the ideal candidate would seek consensus where they could and push where they couldn't, or whether they should always seek consensus.
  • Success meant a long-term vision with a roadmap and funding plan, in addition to accomplishing some short-term goals.

The full comments are in the ITPG mailing list archive and will be forwarded to the CIO Search Committee.

Retiring UC Berkeley CIO Jack McCredie's Visit to UCSB

The ATPG invited retiring UC Berkeley CIO Jack McCredie's to discuss some of their issues. The ITPG and EISPG have an opportunity to meet with him briefly. We thought it might be useful to get his input for our CIO search, such as: What is his assessment of success for a UCSB CIO? What are the key factors for the ideal candidate? What are the challenges unique to UC? What would he ask a CIO candidate? In addition we might learn how he dealt with various funding issues.

ATPG and EISPG Planning Groups' Reports

Reports from the ATPG and EISPG were distributed prior to the meeting via email. Based on the fall discussions with the ITPG, we believe that our role is to provide advice and support regarding the infrastructure that needs to be in place in order to achieve their functional goals. This will be our first opportunity to operate in that mode. There was concern expressed that the other planning groups understand our role. It was suggested that there be a joint meeting between the ITPG and EISPG so that we can understand what requirements, alternatives, and solutions are behind their recommendations. We want to make sure that there is good integration between the proposed student and financial systems.

How Can the ITPG Work Well with the New ITB?

One of the issues that the ITPG had worked on since Spring 2005 was the protection of personal information. The EVC sent out a note regarding this issue in January, and there was some strong consternation about how the issue had been addressed. The main areas of concern about the data inventory effort were:

  • There was concern about getting compliance.
  • There was concern about resources, specifically the burden placed on already stretched departmental staff to accomplish this effort.
Some felt that the wording in the memo represented a miscommunication of the ITPG's recommendations to the ITB. It was felt that the note sent out ye the OIT subsequent to the EVC's note provided an implementation strategy that would help alleviate some of the resource concerns, but it didn't lessen the process concerns for a few. There were suggestions for the process that came out of the SEC-WG:
  • Give advance notice of survey to department IT contacts.
  • Develop an online survey.
  • Make survey available to all faculty, post-docs, graduate students and staff.
  • Tie reported data stores to technical support.
  • Provide documentation for relevant policies and law and clearly indicate requirements.
  • Tie to employment policies.

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