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ITPG Meeting Minutes July 10, 2006


Present: Arlene Allen, Jeffrey Barteet, David Bosso, Larry Carver, Ken Dean, Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Matthew Dunham, Randall Ehren, Kirk Grier, Aaron Martin, Elise Meyer, George Michaels, Steve Miley, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Joan Murdoch, Mike Oliva, Jan Smith, Chris Sneathen, Chas Thompson, Colin Thompson, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods.


There was an update on the status of the CIO search.


Consultants are looking at migrating data from the Sun Directory to Active Directory using 2 technologies: Sun JES and Microsoft Identity Server (MIIS). People can see a prototype in a month.

The current Identity Services budget is funded $80K-90K less than is needed, therefore IS&C has cancelled the Netpoint maintenance contract. We have the right to use the software in perpetuity, but we won’t get any updates or technical support. In addition to trying to stay within the existing budget, there is a technology consolidation on Sun JES.

The question was asked, given the budget situation, what is the status of ongoing desirable functions for the Identity Service?

  • Work for password was completed in Netpoint but there were too many problems in the implmentation. Work is now still underway with the JES to do the password reset within the Identity Manager.
  • ALLN01 Com-Plete IDs and permissions are hard to do with Netpoint, but are easier to do with Sun JES. There is a need to get out of ADABAS. IS&C believes that Com-Plete IDs are in LDAP, but there aren’t any triggers to get them in or out of LDAP. LDAP is supposed to be the repository for foreign keys.


UC has joined Kuali, and UCSB is contributing to the UC Kuali effort.

UC Learning Management System

UCOP HR has decided to fund a Learning Management System (LMS) for all 10 campuses. The selected LMS is Meridian Systems. The main focus of this effort is to be able to buy pre-packaged course materials and to track compliance in taking the courses. However we can also use our own SCORM compliant content.


At the request of John Woolley’s Student Technology Fee Committee, the OIT developed a ballpark figure for a campus-wide wireless implementation.

CMS (Sakai)

The UCSB Sakai Project now has a Program Manager (Steve Miley) and Programmer (Ratana Lim). Steve outlined the Current Goals, Organizational Structure, Hardware Resources, Funding, Highlights of the last 3 months and What’s Next for the project. (The text from the handout appears at the end of these notes.) Planning Group support for the project will come in two ways, the ATPG will most likely provide the steering committee function and the ITPG can best help with technical advice and participation in technical groups. Example of the technical issues that are being looked is what hardware configuration and architecture should be used to make the system very reliable and also integrate with campus systems, or should they use a big database or a big file store. The group asked Steve what was the current plans for backups, with the answer being mirrored file storage and database + data backups. There is a movement to store academic research data snapshots at the end of each quarter for historical purposes. UCSD is involved in a large storage RFP.


Aaron Ettenberg is stepping down as chair of the ATPG.

Student Affairs Projects

Student Affairs reported on the progress of their projects:

  • Admissions – student portal, financial aid, registration, and DARS.
  • EISPG proposed Student Information Systems – they have an RFI to select a consultant to write a justification, review the market and requirements, and develop an RFP.
  • There are new systems for Student Health and Judicial Affairs.
  • Arts & Lectures is doing credit card processing.
  • SRB is supposed to be ready for move-in by September or October.
  • Discussions will begin this fall regarding what will be the new student ID to replace Perm Numbers. Perm Numbers will reach the 9’s this fall.

Research Data Center

There was discussion of the plan for a shared North Hall research data center. Consultants are developing a design for a 4,000 square foot space. The premise would be that administrative computing pays rent to the facility. As an aside, it was noted that via virtualization, administrative computing is developing a disaster recovery partnership with UCR.


This year’s UCCSC is scheduled for July 16 – 18 at UCSD. It is currently full.


The group discussed what our next task should be. We decided that to complement the recommendations produced by the ATPG and EISPG, we should identify and prioritize campus IT technologies, processes and requirements. There was discussion about whether we should focus on common enabling technologies or also include technologies that may be critical to just one area of campus. There was also discussion about whether we should do project portfolio management and assess the criticality, impact and risk not to succeed.


The remaining meetings scheduled for summer are:

  • Monday, August 21: 10:30 - noon in Cheadle 5123
  • Monday, September 11: 10:30 - noon in Cheadle 5123

Text from Steve Miley's Handout

Status of Efforts
  • Migrated DB servers, consolidating application servers
  • Testing IS&C Servers (lots of failures)
  • Experimented with clustering, performance load testing, issues (sakai-app - tomcat perf)
  • Created numerous accounts, usage spotty
  • Integration into campus systems (authentication 100%, roster - 40%)
  • Spotty usage by participants
  • Need to start testing 2.2
  • Steve/Ratana have a lot to do in learning out to drive, debug, update sakai
  • Estimate 2-3 weeks to iron out configuration issues with tools on our implementation
  • Steve doing systems/dba/product testing&debugging
  • Pilot architecture not “dialed in”
  • No skinning work done
  • Who pays for extra stuff (Ian Salary, my student staff, hardware if we choose, ...)
  • U-lists vs email tool
  • Any issues with me using my wife to develop part of the marketing content
  • Faulkner project (Moodle or Sakai)
  • LSCF, Rolf, Moodle
  • Lack of mapping instructor to UCSBnetID
  • Support Structure - tech ta trained, backed up by gauchoSpace support staff
  • Create two pilot programs (minimal set of tools, more advanced tools
  • 93106 article - invitation
  • UCSB Extension using this rather than my “storage system”
  • Extension training/documentation on base tools (Syllabus, Announcements, Resources)
  • Limit tools to what we know and we can support (tech/training/support)
  • Central website - for announcements, links to tech resources offered, vision statement
Requirements before Doing Pilot
  • Tech group can support pilot
  • Pilot has goals and metrics for success
  • A variety of “friendly” pilot test people
  • Willingness to say “no, we can’t add any additional test sites this quarter.”
  • Adequately trained support staff
  • Documentation/orientation materials
  • Statement of what we will support (tools, campus roster integration) and a SLA
  • Documented support hotline
  • List of participants
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