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ITPG Meeting Minutes December 13, 2001


Present: Mark Aldenderfer, Arlene Allen, Eric Brody, Larry Carver, Glenn Davis, John Davis, Doug Drury, Matthew Dunham, Mike Franklin, Rick Johnson, Bill Koseluk, Shea Lovan, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Linda Moskovits, Larry Murdock, Joan Murdoch, Stan Nicholson, Michael Oliva, Fuzzy Rogers, Glenn Schiferl, Jamie Sonsini, Bob Sugar, Paul Valenzuela, Craig Welsh

Data sheets from voting on the twenty ITPG proposals for 2001were distributed, with 29 of 38 responding to date. During the discussion it was noted that the first nine questions had a total of 28 responses while the remainder had a total of 29. (Subsequent to the meeting a hand count of the raw response data revealed that the CommunityPoll report program omitted one response for each of the first nine questions. The corrected data is available at this site.)

The instructions to the voters were to vote based on technical priority, but there were no definitions provided for “High,” “Medium,” and “Low.” Most people used a similar definition for “High” and “Low,” but there was not a consensus on how the “Medium” votes should be interpreted. Various means of processing the “Medium” votes were discussed. In the end, it was the consensus that presenting the raw data would be the best way to go. Elise and Glenn will draft a cover sheet indicating the results, how it was discussed, how the vote was taken, and the presentation of the raw data (including anticipated costs) to the ITB. This will transpire electronically, as there is no time for another meeting before the ITB meets again.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:10; The next meeting is January 25, 10:00am in the Mary Cheadle Room, 3591 Library.

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