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ITPG Meeting Minutes December 15, 2005


The ITPG has spent the last couple of meetings looking at itself and its subcommittees and suggesting possible ways for committees to be more effective. We discussed that each committee and subcommittee needed to determine for itself how to become more effective. The "Rules of Engagement" are possible options but not mandatory. The important point is that each committee needs to be effective in dealing with their area of focus. If the membership feels that a committee has lost its effectiveness, they should bring that issue to the ITPG and the ITPG will prescribe solutions.

The ITPG then discussed what topics each of the subcommittees should focus on for the rest of the academic year.

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG)

Topics: Communication closets; Network cost estimate; Funding
Service Provider: Funding; Ongoing network operations - NGB, wireless

Course Management System (CMS)

Topics: Identify intersections of CMS with other campus efforts; Provide reports to ATPG for intersections with Academic Technology Goals
Service Provider: Build prototype CMS


Topics: Portals as tool for infrastructure; Schedule of tasks and time frame
Service Providers: Multiple providers providing multiple portals


Topics: Connect w/EISPG; Provide business process documentation to ITPG (ongoing as it changes); Coordinate w/NBA


Topics: Active Directory Integration; Address issues raised in CMS and DECAF; Discussion of the instantiation of attributes and roles
Service Providers: Active Directory and attributes and roles

New Business Architecture (NBA)

Topics: End-to-end business practices (student life cycle, perm number, dependencies); Invite ITPG to presentations

Security Working Group (SEC-WG)

Topics: 802.1x for wireless; Security clients for windows machines, e.g., patch management, firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection, antispam, and antispyware (identify the best solution)


Topics: Provide advice on Software Depot tools for software acquisition, tracking, and distribution; Recommend campus investment in campus tools, e.g., anti-malware software; Compliance; Coordinate with UCOP's Strategic Sourcing
Service Providers: Order management system

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG)

Topics: Develop recommendations for web standards and content; Accessibility; Policy compliance w/ECP and copyright laws; Content management

ITPG Topics

  • Identity, Security, and Networking
  • Document why we're doing what we are doing with the subcommittees
  • How to tie to ATPG and EISPG
  • Identify areas of weakness and gaps
  • Advocate for proposal projects

We will be discussing the CIO search at the January meeting.

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