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Network Organizations


UCSB Committees

Campus-wide participation in the planning and funding of UCSB’s data backbone networks has been an important issue for the campus. UCSB has created multiple committees tasked with networking duties over the last 10 years:

Campus Networking Committee (CNC)
(1994? – present)

The CNC is comprised of faculty and technical staff. It was originally formed by the EVC to advise the EVC on policies, priorities, objectives, and plans for data communications and networking. The CNC became the sponsor for other campus-wide IT initiatives beyond networking. The CNC ceased to meet after January 1999, but it has not disbanded. Its work is now being carried out by the combined efforts of the ITB and the ITPG.

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG)
(1994 – present)

The BEG is comprised of technical staff. It was originally formed by the CNC to design and plan the implementation of the campus data networks. Once the OIT was formed, these responsibilities shifted from the committee to the operational unit. In March 2001 the BEG became an advisory group to the OIT, and it continues to be a forum where campus networking plans, strategies, and implementations can be discussed in the context of the goals and efforts of the various campus constituencies. It also enables broad-based technical discussions tapping the expertise of folks outside the OIT.

CalREN-2 Implementation Group (C2IG)
(1997 – 2000)

The C2IG was comprised of technical staff. It was formed by the BEG to design and implement the campus data network to support connecting nine research groups to CENIC’s high speed California Research and Education Network (CalREN-2). Their recommendation was first presented to the BEG and then forwarded to the CNC in January 1999. Implementation followed shortly thereafter.

UC System-Wide Committees

UCSB participates on the following UC system-wide network committees:

Communications Planning Group (CPG)
(1989? – present)

This group consists of representatives from each campus/lab, and from UCOP’s Information Resources and Communications Department. It provides advice to the Associate Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.

External Network Organizations

UCSB is a member of the following external network organizations:

Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC)

CENIC is a not-for-profit corporation formed by California Higher Education institutions to facilitate and coordinate the deployment, development, and operation of a set of seamless and robust advanced network services. See their monthly newsletter, CENIC Today.

Internet 2

Internet2 is a consortium being led by over 200 U.S. universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. See their Internet2 Monthly Members Update.


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