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OIT Security Services

  information technology security The Office of Information Technology’s Security Services deals with computer intrusion, harassing or unwanted email, viruses, denial of service attacks and potential vulnerabilities in University of California, Santa Barbara’s computers or networks.

Latest Virus and Hoax Information


Virus and hoax information is provided by Symantec Security Response. Links in the list to the left take you outside the UCSB domain.

For more security alerts, advisories, and related information, see our Security News, Advisories, and Alerts page.

Contact Us

Please refer to our reporting guidelines before reporting a problem.

Email:  security@ucsb.edu for intrusions and abuse@ucsb.edu for spam
Phone:  (805)893-5077
Address:  Network Security Coordinator, 2124 North Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Note: When sending sensitive information to us via email, we encourage you to encrypt your messages. If the purpose of your communication is a cyber security incident report, vulnerability report, or any other technical question related to cyber security, please use the following key:

User ID: UCSB Network Security (security@ucsb.edu)
Key ID: 0x40AB9113
Fingerprint: 9544 B822 5E71 28A6 6C5C 8CB0 B89C 1ECC 40AB 9113

Why We Might Contact You

You may have received email from security@ucsb.edu if :
  1. we have observed scanning, hacking, and/or other suspicious network traffic from a host and you are listed in a whois database as being the coordinator for the network block the host resides in, or
  2. your address was listed as the coordinator in a whois database as the upstream provider for the network block mentioned in #1. We will only send email to your address if we have either been unable to successfully contact your downstream client, or if we do not trust your downstream client because they do not appear to be an ISP.


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