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Report Unwanted or Harassing Email at UCSB


If You Receive Harassing Email

  1. Do not delete the email. You need to keep it as evidence.
  2. Assess the situation. If you believe that you are in immediate danger, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately! On the UCSB campus, contact the police at 9-911.

    Otherwise, follow the guidelines listed below.

Before Forwarding the Message to Anyone

Please carefully examine the headers of the offending email to locate the IP address of the host that sent the email. For a brief tutorial on how to read email headers, please see Reading Email Headers.

If you are having trouble viewing the message headers, you can find instructions for your email program at the SpamCop.net website.

If an examination of the headers reveals that the message originated from a host in the UCSB.EDU domain (including IP addresses that begin with 128.111 and 169.231), then proceed to the section below labeled "Where and How to Report."

If you cannot tell where the message originated from or if it did not originate from the UCSB.EDU domain, please do not report the matter to us. Instead, we suggest that you use the spam reporting service at Spamcop.net. It is simple, quick, and free: just register at the SpamCop Signup page.

Where and How to Report

Email Sexual Harassment

For information on reporting sexual harassment at UCSB, visit the Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance website.

Verbal Abuse or Threats

To report verbal abuse or declared threats of violence that involve a host or user in the UCSB.EDU domain, send two messages to abuse@ucsb.edu, as follows.

  1. Send one email describing the harassment.
  2. Forward a copy, with full headers, of the harassing message you received. Remember to forward this message: don't bounce it or send it as a MIME attachment.

You will be contacted soon to let you know of subsequent steps to take.


To report spam originating from the UCSB.EDU domain, forward the message, with full headers, to abuse@ucsb.edu.


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